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TCDA Party Information & Packages 

Private Group Sessions Private Group Sessions includes a “private” group session which may be scheduled during or after business hours (based on availability) where the group can opt to take any of the classes that we offer in a session lasting up to 90 minutes. It includes tailored instruction time depending on the request of the group along with group’s selected song play or song choice (optional). This option is typically great for groups who are wanting to try one of our classes in an intimate setting, without it being open to the public and to only share their experience with those whom they choose. All group sessions require a $25 deposit which goes towards private group session upon booking. Group Session for 5: $60 Group Session for 6-10: $120  Group Session for 11-15: $150 Group Session for 16+: $210

TCDA Party Packages!

Our TCDA Party Packages provides an intimate setting to perform dance or pole which may be scheduled   

during or after business hours (based on availability). You can choose to have it as nice or as naughty as you’d 

like! Parties include 2 hour tailored instructional time with private instructor and 15 minutes prior to party time   

to set up. You will learn a sexy choreographed dance routine as well as share in our “Spotlight Moment”. Special

guest/host also receives party favor from TCDA in appreciation of you entrusting in us for your special occasion.

Food and refreshments are allowed. Alcoholic beverages are also permitted. Additional entertainment such as

private exotic dancers are permitted depending on party package, however TC Dance Academy does not provide

these services. We do provide basic decor which you may feel free to add to based on the occasion. Discount

vouchers are also available for our “After Party Session”. All parties require $50 deposit which goes towards

party total upon booking.

Customize Your Party!

You may customize your party to your liking by submitting our customized package form specifying exactly  

how YOU envision your party with us. Customized parties are subject for approval. The following pricing   options

may be tacked on to any private group session package.

Food and All Beverages $40

Alcoholic Beverages Only $20

Food Only $15

Basic Party Decor $20

“Spotlight Moment” $10

Additional Party Time $40/hr

Additional Entertainment/Exotic Dancers $50 per hour

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