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We offer classes starting at 10am and as late as 8pm, with many classes in between. Visit our schedule & pricing page.

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Pole Fitness "Arm Day"

We focus on specific parts of the body to build you as a whole machine, one part of the body at a time the TCDA way.

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Abs with every class

It doesn't matter what class you choose, them abs are going to get a workout. Your abs are the center, your balance and of course, who doesn't want sexy abs?

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Full body days

Full body days are the days for the ones that can't make it to every class, so we kill it all at once. We will work you from your fingers to your toes and everything in between!

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Pole Partner training

When you reach level 1 and have a pole buddy, this class is for you! You learn about trust and strength. Making beautiful shapes with your partner can build longer relationships between pole buddies because the first ingredient is trust!

Pole Parties

Whether it is a girls night out, birthday, bachelorette, graduation, just because, etc, we have the party for you...You can choose between chair, floor, pole, dance, salsa, fitness, or hip hop...Bring your group and let's make this happen for you.

Floorwork & R & B choreo

want to learn a sexy routine while learning liquid moves? 1 of these classes may be for you, you can wear your heels and leggings in this class so you can slide easier. Check the schedule for class timings.

Pole Dancing

learn how to slide down the pole and get up sexy. Also, learn a complete routine from the song of the month that you can do to any other song with your 8 counts.

Pole Tricks

want to skip all the other stuff and get right into learning how to twist yourself around the pole? This class may be for you...Check the schedule for times and days.